Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Update From RonPaulVoteCount.com

Mitchel Stein, founder of RonPaulVoteCount.com wrote:

California Gets It; See this Video About the Affidavit our Votes Approach (with www.RonPaulVoteCount.com, or whatever method; just have some verifiable check!!)

Hi All,

Someone in California gets its (the potential HUGE IMPACT of election STEALING), and knows that the a way to CATCH THE ELECTION RIGGERS is with a “spot check” approach, using Notarized Affidavits, such as is available with the www.ronpaulvotecount.com approach. Please view this video.

Ron Paul California Supporters - Vote Fraud

Hat Tip to NSOakland6 for sharing this!

This California lady gets it. She knows we have to watch the vote ourselves. She knows that each precinct is responsible for what comes out of that precinct, and she is taking action to make sure that what comes out in her and her neighbors’ name is actually exactly presenting what the voters chose. She knows that anyone can organize for this in their own precinct. She knows it is NOT responsible to just cross our fingers and hope that “they” will tell us the right answer after they have a chance to have their secret software adjust the answer that comes out of their black boxes. She realizes that her “spreading the Freedom and Constitution word” could end up fizzling out when votes end up getting stolen. Presumably, she is not willing to have the time she is putting into such spreading of the message turn into a poor investment that will, come November, with the expansion of the current regime into the next neocon Republicrat, not be able to forestall the further global expansionism and killing, and the further choking of true freedom in this Country. She is taking action. She is not sitting on the fence. She is not hoping someone else will do it.

Note that the New York State Coordinator is fixing to make a similar youtube in the next couple days to help spread the RonPaulVoteCount Affidavit Approach (or similar affidavit approaches). Any suggestions for such a youtube that you have, please email to him at justin@ronpaulvotecount.com , or to me at mitchell@ronpaulvotecount.com. (actually, if you send such, please cc both of us, because his email was only recently activated, and I am not sure when he will have a chance to get it configured; he’s very busy; he just drove back from helping out in South Carolina). Kristal, the Harrison County, Texas Coordinator for RonPaulVoteCount, also suggested having such a youtube made.

To all of you, thank you for all you are doing; I wish I could do more as well. Please do not take any of what I am saying here as in any way even hinting at anything critical. I am just APPEALING to you to, as you are doing all of the amazing work you are doing, let the people in your precinct decide for themselves, and urging you to act as the “traffic cop” of pointing your precinct members in the directions of actions they can be taking to help the whole cause of Freedom and return to the Constitution. So please, if you are a “Precinct Leader” that has signed up with the Ron Paul Campaign to so lead your precinct, at the very least, notify the people in your precinct that this www.ronpaulvotecount.com effort is going on, and offer to them both the knowledge that they may be able to have a Notarized Affidavit from them counted and compared to what the County Clerk (or Election Administrator, depending on your area) gets (if there ends up being a “Precinct Coordinator” in their area), and the knowledge that they now have a real chance, in their own neighborhood, to implement something very easily, and every opportunity to get off the fence and help where it is really needed . You may even find a number of people who have given up on voting altogether, because they know how easily the system can be rigged. Let’s not wait until after the Primary, when significant allegations of election results tampering/changing/stealing happen, to say “gee, maybe we really should have done at least some checking”. And I do NOT mean “Exit Polling”. While Exit Polling provides valuable information about the process, and indicates trends, and can, in some cases, be used to make projections, it is NOT PROOF. But Notarized Affidavits are much closer to hard and fast proof. While nothing, of course, can repeat exactly what was put into the little black boxes, Notarized Affidavits are every bit as good as the people who signed them being in a Courtroom, and swearing on a stack of Bibles, and asking the judge to believe them, a group of who knows how many (20? , or 100?, or 347?) if she/he believes them, or the one voice of a County Clerk. This will be slam dunk if it is implemented in many precincts. You can help…even if it’s only just spreading the word. And, please, do NOT buy the Republican machine line about not wanting to stir up trouble. We don’t win this election, and there likely will be more trouble in the form of more tyranny here and abroad. And, if we do not win this election, a good question to ask is whether the new Ron-Paul-message Freedom and Constitution Republicans are going to stay with the party that will potentially have forsook (remember the Head of the Republican Party trying to keep Ron Paul out of the early debates?)

(for those still in doubt here in Texas,, you really need to listen to what Debra Stevens uncovered, which is absolutely SHOCKING (listen to the interview she gave to Vote Rescue Radio yesterday 01-20-08, which is archived at http://www.wtprn.com, or on Debra’s own archived “Rule of Law” radio show on http://www.wtprn.com, from last Thu 01-17-08). She reads from a report from a 6-person STATE OF TEXAS -COMMISSIONED type pane, that was to give their report to the Texas Secretary of Statel that reviewed the electronic voting machines and made the most RINGING INDICTMENTS (my words) of how RIPE FOR FRAUD they are, and how easily hacked, and how they should NOT NOT NOT be used (or similar words, or ideas); But, for some reason, the Secretary of State, or maybe one of his predecessors?, has approved them; and now it looks like criminal charges are being brought against him for it, from the sound of it; now, my personal belief is that the courts will delay much of the action until after the primary, but who knows; we need to give Debra support; AND, we need to keep our “Plan B” (the Affidavit Approach of RonPaulVoteCount) in place; Debra may even be able to use the results of the Affidavit as “proof” of why someone was clearly derelict in her/his responsibilities when they approved such a hackable, easily rigged electronic system)



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