Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Iowa Watch the Vote 2008

New Year's Day Conference Call schedule for Iowa Watch the Vote

From: Jim Condit Jr.
To: ronpaul-560-announce@meetup.com,

We’re down to the wire, but what a few hundred of us do in the next 60 hours will make the difference on how closely the vote in Iowa will be watched.

All is now centered around the reporting software up on LibertyBroadcastNetwork.org

We are going to have conference calls today, New Year’s Day, 2008, starting at 4 PM today, and 5 PM, and 6 PM – and every hour up until midnight. These will be strategy calls, not theory calls.

The number again will be: 641-715-3200; PIN: 1064662#

The list of in-home Liberty Broadcast Network correspondents will be published on the LibertyBroadcastNetwork.org website today.

THIS means that anyone in Iowa who finds out about LBN in the next 60 hours --- can come into the website, look up the person who is supporting their county from home, identify themselves and the precinct or precincts they are reporting on, read the results to the in-home correspondent, and then that in-home correspondent with their results will upload those results to the internet. The software will automatically calculate the ascending totals for the 8 Republican candidates.

The battle of getting in-home correspondents to wait for the calls from Iowa in order to upload the results to the internet is OVER.

The battle now is totally to get people in Iowa, especially Iowans attending the caucuses, to do one last thing at the end of Caucus night, call in the results to the Liberty Broadcast Network correspondent assigned to support their county. Those of you who volunteerd on the conference calls the other night, will be able to see what county you have when the list is published on the LBN website today.

What we need NOW are hundreds of people to volunteer to:

-- CALL the people in Iowa who have signed up, and get them feeding more Iowans into the website in preparation for reporting the results they see;

-- we need others to call the weekly community newspaper in a particular county on Wed or Thurs, and see if we can hook up with a reporter who will get the actual results from the local caucus gatherings in their area, and report them to one of our correspondents.

-- And we need still others to call the local Republican party officials who are running the Caucus. Many of these in the small counties may be willing to give LBN the results in their county.

-- And, we need still others to call fellow volunteers in the Ron Paul campaign to find out who the Ron Paul volunteer coordinator is in each county. Most of these people are volunteers, and as individuals may well see the wisdom of spreading the word to other individuals to call their caucus results into somewhere that will publish the eye-witnessed results on the internet, namely Liberty Broadcast Network.

Sorry to report, but the Ron Paul paid staff of Iowa and NH are playing a seemingly sinister role on watching the vote count. They are telling all their workers to call the results into HQ – where they intend to sit on the results and not publish them on the internet. This is a plan that the Iowa GOP and the 5 Big TV Networks must like – but it is not a plan that an alert citizen would like who wants a verifiable count. It looks more like a plan to make people feel they are doing something regarding watching the count, when in fact the fruit of their effort is going to be stymied by the absurd policy of sitting on the information. We had to mention this, because the attacks on what we are doing are coming fast and furious for an ever changing list of reasons.

We hope the Iowa RP HQ will change its mind, and decide to publish the results they get form the field – but, if they don’t, WE WILL – because that’s what is necessary to protect an honest vote count at the Iowa Caucus.

See you on the call tonight?

Jim Condit Jr.

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