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We The People Counted The Votes In The Sunshine!

Dede Farrell reviews the results of our manual exit poll vote verification project. Voters who supported ALL the candidates participated in this poll, not just the supporters of Ron Paul as some have claimed.

This was posted earlier:

Dede Farrell, one of our Vote In Sunshine Coalition team members poses by the "hand count" total of our exit poll conducted yesterday at the Iowa Straw Poll. 897 individuals signed affadavits and/or a vote verification card which looks like this:

Vote In Sunshine coalition volunteers were all dressed in t-shirts - some of which were plastered with buttons and stickers from all of the campaigns. We were received very positively by the vast majority of individuals attending the straw poll as well as many of the volunteers working for the various campaigns. There was a bit of concern from some individuals who had read the press or listened to the WHO interview with Bob Schulz and Jim Condit about the lawsuit, but when we described what our main goal was - ie. achieving fair and accurate voting processes in America by returning to the use of and counting/saving/storing of paper ballots -
most of these individuals came around in a positive way to support our effort with words of encouragement. Here's a picture of one of the t-shirts were wore in the sweltering 90-95+ degree heat yesterday:

Here's the listing - as it appeared on our real - ie. hand written - yellow paper list of our manual exit poll paper vote count from yesterday:

Ron Paul 332
Tom Tancredo 150
Mikw Huckabee 187
Fred Thompson 8
Tommy Thompson 39
Mitt Romney 90
Duncan Hunter 12
Hillary Clinton 1
John McCain 5
Sam Brownback 62
John Cox 4
Dennis Kucinich 1
Rudy Giuliani 6
Total 897

Clicking Votes 15,000

Editor's Note:
"Clicking Votes" refers to our manual effort to observe throughout the day the number of individuals exiting from the three voting stations in the Hilton Coliseum, Sheman and Stephen centers/halls. Vote In Sunshine volunteers possessed hand counters - ie. "clickers" as we called them - and clicked the counter once for every individual exiting. According to the today's Des Moines Register - page 1 - 14,302 individuals voted in yesterday's straw poll which was just 698 votes shy of our manual estimate. The 897 votes we counted/verified amounted to exactly 6 % of the total votes cast in the Iowa Straw Poll

Feedback From ElectionReform-165 Meetup Group

[electionreform-165] one simple question... one simple answer Inbox

Louis Charles shared the following:

Aug 15 (22 hours ago)

the answer to your question about 'here to win" should be obvious...


they can not win.
Thus the slogan of PACE:

"Assure Clean Elections... otherwise, what's the point?"

Now... FOR THE 55TH TIME... were Poll books signed, my good woman? Jay, did you see anything in this regard? Was ANYTHING SIGNED after ID's were checked? And if you don't know... can you find someone you met up there, perhaps who DID VOTE... and can tell you what they were required to do AFTER SHOWING THEIR ID, and BEFORE going into the voting booth.


COME ON... "BROOKLYN DOOLIE", GET IN HERE!! ....these friggin' hillbillies... I'm frEAKn' dyin' ovah heyah.... LOL


ROXI wrote:

I'm not sure what your implying here but I've been fighting really hard and making a LOT of sacrifices for this campaign, and quite frankly, don't appreciate your sentiment. I can't elaborate on the comment by the granny warrior because I already said I talked to her for 2.3 seconds regarding buttons and monkey's I spent more time petting buddy the monkey than talking to her, also this was at 6:30 am before the voting even started.

I do know the granny warrior bus was gone before the results were announced

I also know that Jay WATCHED the voting very closely for almost 3 hours so I have said before if you want it straight from the horse's mouth ASK HIM

please tell me, are you here to win?

Louis Charles wrote:

THAT'S the comment we get regarding what she posted about what she saw, and comments about regarding the total amount of voters?

> Roxi... are you here to win?
> please tell us... or is this another LOSERtarian exercise in "educating" America on these novel, but quaint ideas Ron Paul takes to our US House every year.
> Granny said: >>>At
> > the beginning Ron got 1.300 votes and while all the other candidates
> > counts kept going up his never changed not once. Romney started off
> > at 421? After the mixup with the voting machines Romneys count
> > climbed off the chart and others got a few extra votes also but
> > Ron's never changed. That was the strange thing to me out of 4,500
> > votes not one for Ron?

> Please offer us what YOU saw up there, regarding this.
> ;
> peace.
> LC
> ROXI wrote:
> for a few seconds... i told her i liked her monkey, i bought a few
> things, and she gave me change with ron paul stamps on it
> Louis Charles wrote:
> > comment, Roxi?
> >
> > you said you met WarriorGranny....
> >
> > right?
> >
> > LC
> >
> > */phantomofliberty /* wrote:
> >
> >
> > From: Warriorgrannys@ Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 13:39:21 EDT
> > Subject: Hi can you do this for me? To: boldfenianman@ We
> > have been on the road for over two weeks now with Ron Paul.. We were
> > at most of his appearances in Iowa and at the Straw Polls.... Most
> > of the hype on th e groups is just that stuff forwarded over and over
> > and I just don't have the time online to post much to all of them.
> > Please post this from the Grannys:
> >
> > We were not surprised at the overflowing of volunteers at the Ames
> > sites, it was amazing. Hundreds of people who are there on their own
> > dime working for all of us for Freedom and Fairness. I wrote a
> > partial coverage of the events that can be seen at:
> > www.grannywarriors. com/ames. htm
> >
> > While at the straw poll we saw hundreds of busses pull in and unload
> > people for Romney, Tancredo, Hunter and Brownbeck. None for Ron Paul
> > he did not pay to buss anyone in. These sheep were herded to the
> > voting places by paid staffers who did not allow them to leave the
> > line till they had voted for their candidates. It seems like some
> > must have v oted differently than for their candidate or Dr. Paul
> > would not have gotten as many votes as he did. There were 26,000
> > tickets sold, 14,000 voted? what happened to the missing votes? At
> > the beginning Ron got 1.300 votes and while all the other candidates
> > counts kept going up his never changed not once. Romney started off
> > at 421? After the mixup with the voting machines Romneys count
> > climbed off the chart and others got a few extra votes also but
> > Ron's never changed. That was the strange thing to me out of 4,500
> > votes not one for Ron?
> >
> > The speech he gave was heroic, nailed everything he stands for in a
> > very emphatic manner even though he had to be worn out and under a
> > lot of stress about Carol being in the hospital .. She was better
> > and had forced him to go do his job. They are both great Americans.
> > Both dedicated to not just their family but to the American Family
> > we all belong to.
> >
> > It was inspiring to see all the people who really owned the
> > collesuem with all the Ron Paul signs. The Highway Patrol was
> > pulling them up along the road ways but leaving Brownbeck and Romney
> > signs in the same areas? One fellow who was walking by our RV with a
> > large sign was accosted by a patrolman who yelled "YOU'RE GOING TO
> > JAIL!" He continued to harrass the fellow who was explaining he was
> > just walking with the sign and had not put any on the streets. never
> > the less he was being really bullied until a crowd surrounded them
> > and the cop gave it up with a warning not to put any Ron Paul signs
> > on the property? below is the photo of the event...Anyone know this
> > cop????
> >
> > The last two are of the crowd note the yellow shirts... guess who?
> > and this guy with the follow me sign is one of Mitt's paid staffers
> > that would lead the bus loads of folks to the voting arena.
> >
> > All in all it was a real lesson in politics. Such a dirty game they
> > play but you know what folks.. Right will still win out if we can
> > just keep our faith and not listen to the liars who try to distort
> > every thing Ron Paul stands for.
> >
> > We are in Spring Texas today and will be attending a meetup meeting
> > tonight then going on to Winnie to rest a day then another several
> > Meetup meetings then some serious work...Ron Paul's Birthday Bash
> > and then the GOP's Texas roundup then the Texas Straw Poll..
> > Everyone that can possibly come do so. We need to show even more
> > stregnth in Texas were there are some really hard core opposition to
> > Dr. Pauls message by the GOP die hards and Neo Cons...
> > '
> > Linda Hunnicutt ( Granny Warrior)
> > Granny Warriors
> > "The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not
> > as sacred as the laws of God, and there is not a force of law and
> > public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence. Property
> > must be sacred or liberty cannot exist." John Adams

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vote In Sunshine Wasn't The Only Special Interest Group At The Straw Poll

Ames provides venue for interest groups


August 11, 2007

Special interest groups have peppered the area around Hilton Coliseum, site of today's Republican Party straw poll, advocating for such issues as pro-life and pro-guns. Here is an account of what some of them are saying or doing:

“We’re trying to reach out to people and let them know what we’re all about,” said Steve Scheffler, president of the Iowa Christian Alliance.

The alliance is concerned about such issues as marriage, advocating for a constitutional amendment that clearly defines that marriage is between a man and woman. Another key issue for the group is immigration; they favor stronger borders.

Scheffler said the multiple marriages by some of the top Republican candidates, including former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, is problematic. Giuliani is not attending today’s Ames event.

“I think it’s fair to say that people are looking at a couple of things," Scheffler said. "They’re looking at where candidates stand on the issues, but they’re also concerned about somebody’s moral character. ... We can’t dispose of the rhetoric and then play a different game.”

The Iowans for Right to Work Committee is handing out fliers with a picture of Iowa’s top government leaders, including Gov. Chet Culver, Senate Majority Leader Michael Gronstal, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Speaker Pat Murphy, under the headline: "Iowa’s right to work law attacked by the Four Barons."

The flier alleges that “union bosses spent untold millions of dollars” in 2006 to the four politicians. The leaflet says such groups are now “working hard to gut” a law that guarantees that Iowa workers cannot be forced to join a union or pay union dues.

The issue came up during the 2007 legislative session, but didn’t make its way through the legislative process. It is likely to come about again next year, noted Dimitri Kesari, director of government affairs for the right-to-work group’s national headquarters.

“Iowa really is ground zero in where unions thought they could pass it this year,” Kesari said.

He said several hundred people had signed the petition by 9:30 a.m.

“We’re gathering more ground troops so when the fight comes back in January, they’ll be enough people to let the legislators know if they vote wrong, don’t bother coming back to the Legislature,” Kesari said.
Read more here and here.

Editor's Note:
There were many groups that were unregistered without a formal booth who were on the ground at the Iowa Straw Poll. We were the only such group who were targeted for repression of our message. More videos that document this repression will be forthcoming.

Just For The Record: Judge keeps straw poll's computerized voting machines

Judge keeps straw poll's computerized voting machines


August 11, 2007

A federal judge shot down a request from a group of Iowans who wanted ballots at today's Republican straw poll to be stored in clear plastic containers, then hand counted. They distrust computerized voting machines.

U.S. District Judge James Gritzner of Des Moines denied their request Friday for a temporary restraining order and an injunction against the straw poll's use of the Diebold machines. The judge said no previous legal rulings show that an unofficial straw poll offered by a private political entity is a public election entitled to constitutional protections.

The group of voting machine watchdogs oppose the Iowa Republican Party presidential straw poll's use of Diebold election systems machines. California elections officials decertified Diebold machines last week after a "top-to-bottom" security review found fundamental weaknesses. The California machines can still be used in that state, but new security measures are in place.

The machines at the straw poll are owned by Story County; 71 counties in Iowa use Diebold machines.

The watchdog group thinks the machines leave voting "ripe for fraud or machine failure - or even sabotage," according to a complaint filed Thursday in U.S. District Court.

The plaintiffs included five Iowans: Jennifer Maki of Dubuque, Pam Wagner of Homestead, Troy Reha of Des Moines, Ginger Corbett of Maquoketa and Roger Leahy of Fairfield. Three other plaintiffs: James Condit Jr. of Ohio, founder of Citizens for a Fair Vote Count; Robert L. Schulz of New York, leader of an organization called We the People; and Walter Reddy of Connecticut purchased the $35 tickets to the event but are not qualified to vote in the straw poll.

The complaint was filed against Mary Mosiman, Story County election commissioner; Ray Hoffman, Iowa Republican Party chairman; the state of Iowa; Story County; and David Vaudt, state auditor. Voting will take place on the Iowa State University campus and will be overseen by Mosiman's office, with assistance from the state auditor's office.

Mosiman on Friday expressed confidence in Story County's machines, saying testing shows they are counting votes correctly.

"This is a very secure process, and we wouldn't want a machine that wasn't functioning properly," she said.

Reporter Jennifer Janeczko Jacobs can be reached at (515) 284-8127 or
Read more here and here.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

It's A Question Of Trust....

March 23, 2004—The 2004 election has already been rigged. The corporations and the military industrial complex have bought themselves a government and they aren’t going to let some silly little presidential election jeopardize their investment. Read more.

April 7, 2004—Machines will produce 99.4 percent of the election results for the upcoming 2004 presidential election. With all the hoopla over voting machine "glitches," porous software, leaked memos, and the creepy corporations that sell and service these contraptions, and with all the controversy that surrounds campaign financing, voter registration, redistricting issues, and the general privatization of the election process, we are missing the boat on the biggest crisis facing our democracy. Americans aren't really voting. Machines are. Call it faking democracy.
[Online Journal]

Alex Pelosi's new film "Diary of a Political Tourist" catches a tipsy Congressman Peter King making a comment at a White House function before the election had been finished that, "It's already over. The Election's over. We Won."

When Pelosi asks, "How do you know that?" King replies, "It's all over but the counting. And we'll take care of the counting." [Common Dreams]

Click here to view this video.

Excerpted from: "Evidence Mounts That The Vote May Have Been Hacked"

Published on Saturday, November 6, 2004 by
by Thom Hartmann

"While the heavily scrutinized touch-screen voting machines seemed to produce results in which the registered Democrat/Republican ratios largely matched the Kerry/Bush vote, in Florida's counties using results from optically scanned paper ballots - fed into a central tabulator PC and thus vulnerable to hacking – the results seem to contain substantial anomalies."

"In Baker County, for example, with 12,887 registered voters, 69.3% of them Democrats and 24.3% of them Republicans, the vote was only 2,180 for Kerry and 7,738 for Bush, the opposite of what is seen everywhere else in the country where registered Democrats largely voted for Kerry." Read more here.

Excerpted from: "Restoring Trust in the Vote"

Published on Monday, November 15, 2004 by
by Thom Hartmann

'The larger question is one of trust in the reliability of our elections system. Unlike most of the world's other advanced democracies, we have privatized much of our vote. Private, for-profit corporations, claiming trade secrecy, process our vote via their software in ways they say we cannot see. For many, their honesty is less an issue than the transparency of a privatized voting system." Read more here.

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Final Piece of Iowa GOP Treachery in Straw Poll 2007 Revealed!




August 07, 2006 NA (Network America) e-wire

Final Piece of Iowa GOP Treachery in Straw Poll 2007 - Revealed!

Sit down. Katie bar the door. Hold on to your hat.

Intrepid activist and radio talk show host Ernest Hancock of Arizona [founder of "Freedoms Phoenix" website] has flushed out the FINAL PIECE OF TREACHERY planned by the Iowa GOP - IF they continue on their present anti-American course with regard to "counting" the ballots in the 2007 Iowa Straw Poll.

We have already explained that they are counting the votes on the discredited Diebold computers - that one page article can be found here:

We have already explained in the above article that they plan to have voters feed their ballots into the Diebold compartments - most of which ballots will never be seen again!

Then - at the end of voting at 6 PM on this Saturday, August 7, at the Ames, Iowa Straw Poll, -- the GOP designated officials make each of the sixty Diebold machines produce a paper receipt - which has the name of each candidate - and the alleged totals from that machine. (All ballots stay TIGHTLY locked in the black box inside the Diebold computers.)

And then an Iowa GOP spokesman would announce the "results" on stage at the Hilton Coliseum at the Iowa State University - with all the ballots still locked away from news media, candidates, the public. And then the national newsmedia, as they like to call themselves -- is supposed to announce these computer-generated "results" to the nation. (In the America I once knew - we used to count the ballots BEFORE we announced the results!)

In their first round of literature about the "count", the GOP of Iowa said they would have an "audit" of some kind AFTER they announced the result. So, we and others wondered, -- does that mean they will count 1% of the ballots by hand? 2%? , , , all the ballots?

Iowa GOP spokesmen wouldn't say - and their story kept morphing about what would happen. AND NOW . . .


Here's the incredible information flushed out by Ernest Hancock. Let's let him tell it - with the link to the entire article at the Freedom's Phoenix website listed below:

From Ernest Hancock on Freedom's Phoenix:

Iowa Poll made of Straw - Iowa GOP refuses to allow any Validation of Computer results

"I did my best to determine the method of validating the election results and could get no "official" response until today. Mary Tiffany is the Iowa State GOP Communications Director. After finally getting her on the phone and introducing myself as a visiting radio talk show host from Phoenix she was kind enough to take my questions seriously and promised to get back to me today. I had planned to arrive at their downtown office in Des Moines should she not call me by 4:30 pm Iowa time. I was on my way to the Iowa State GOP HQ when I received Mary's call at 4:35 pm. She was clear and straight to the point.

"Each campaign was welcome to have representatives witness the feeding of the paper ballots into the counting computers but that there would not be a manual count of any kind. I then asked what would happen to the original paper ballots. She asked me to hold for a moment while she checked. In our earlier phone conversation she said that I needed to talk to "Eric" the Iowa State GOP's Political Director so I can only
imagine she was likely getting directions from him. She came back on the line to say that the paper ballots would remain with the machines and would not elaborate further. I asked if the paper would be destroyed and she would not/could not answer.

"So there you have it. The same machines that California just decertified 3 days ago and Florida is in the spot light about as well,
are going to be used to determine the future . . . ."

(End of quote from Ernest Hancock and his conversation with the Iowa

The whole article is found here:


Soooooooooooooooo! The candidates are allowed to watch the ballots be fed by the voter into the black box Diebold computers. --- But THERE WILL BE NO HAND COUNT OF EVEN ONE BALLOT. The ballots will never be seen again. They might even be destroyed shortly after the event so that no one can ever again check the announced computer result !!

Dear Friends, -- this is the way ALL elections are conducted nationwide at election time - except ½ of the state of New Hampshire.

If this policy is followed on Saturday in the Iowa Straw Poll - this is proof positive of the Iowa GOP leadership's utter bad will and intent to defraud Ron Paul if necessary.

Having witnessed Ron Paul crushing landslide of all the other GOP candidates on the ABC website after Sunday's nationally televised debate - the powers that be are plenty worried. Ron Paul got rougly 30,000 of the 50,000 votes - 55% -- and the closest was Romney - who got only 3,600, or 6% of the online poll vote!!

Is the patriotic, constitutional avalanche going to engulf them, the New World Order toadies, and their Masters in NYC and DC? Well, not if they can hide the ballots from us as if we were children - and tell us what their pre-programmed computers say the "result is !!!!

Can you imagine? They think we're so stupid that we don't realize that the computers can be programmed in advance to ignore what's on the ballots, and to tabulate the number of ballots fed into the "black box" in the Diebold machine - and then divide the candidates' votes by pre-programmed percentages. SORRY, IOWA GOP, THE PEOPLE ARE ON TO THIS SCAM NOW!

Count the ballots in the open! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO HIDE? Why do you people holding offices of influence always since 1988 INSIST that the ballots disappear forever - without being counted ???

One astute observer made this observation. Originally, the GOP was telling callers and people, including this astute observer I'm referring to, -- that there would be 25,000 voters this Saturday.

Then Romney, perhaps fearing the Paul avalanche, stated that he would not be trying as hard, and would pay for less buses, etc. (Even so, NBC's Gloria Borger said on the weekend Christ Matthews Show that Romney is spending so much money that it will be a real blow to his campaign if he doesn't come in first. ANOTHER REASON THE IOWA GOP WANTS TO KEEP THEIR CHEATING OPTIONS OPEN !!!)

After Romney's quizzical announcement - the Iowa GOP then had a press conference and said they NOW expect 50,000 voters !!! Really? With Romney making LESS of an effort? Tell us about this.

Our astute observer suggested to me: now that they know the Vote in Sunshine Poll is going on to check the Diebold machines - they may be planning not to suppress Paul's vote - but to boost Romney's. Are there going to be ballots planted in the black box in each Diebold computer before the voting starts? Will the Iowa GOP let us inspect the inside of each Diebold machine before the voting starts? Is there a hidden
compartment? Or are the computers just programmed to make a fraudulent result ?????? --- and that's why the GOP is announcing that there will NOT BE ANY hand count!

Let' pause here to remember the quote attributed to Communist Tyrant Joseph Stalin: "Those who CAST the votes decide nothing. Those who COUNT the votes decide everything."

Is that why you are taking and keeping all the ballots away from the people, the candidates, the press, leaders of the Iowa GOP?????? Inquiring minds want to know!

This is why people from all over the United States are coming to Iowa. We need 200 volunteers to wear yellow "Vote in Sunshine" t-shirts and take the "citizens' exit poll" verification ballots from those who have already voted in the official Diebold election - AND WHO ALSO WANT TO MAKE SURE THEIR VOTE COUNTS.

We need YOU! Our organizational meeting for already committed volunteers- and those who are going to be joining the effort that night - will be at 5 PM on Friday afternoon, August 10th, 2007 - at the Holiday Inn, Conference Center, Charolais Room, 2609 Elwood Drive, Ames, IA 50010. (This Holiday Inn is about one mile south of the Straw Poll location on Iowa State University.)

Join the Meetup group at

ALSO, we still need about $1500 to $2000 to meet all the MINIMAL basic expenses to make the alternative "citizens exit poll" happen. $2991 has been collected as of this writing - and we have found some expenses that push the need up to $5000 for just the basics - that means about $2000 is still needed. You can help by going to - hitting send money - and sending money to - which is the
paypal address to the "Operation Ames Honest Election 2007" effort.

So now, if you've grasped all of the above, you see the crass, criminal, vile attitudes and instincts of the national GOP leaders (Dems, too, even worse, if that be possible) - and the leaders of the Iowa GOP are going along? For what? Is career more important than country and family and Faith?

The people of Iowa are great - the Iowa GOP leaders are disgracing them.

Last night, I sent to the Iowa GOP chairman, Mr. Ray Hoffman, a letter from Citizens for a Fair Vote Count - a letter with potential legal implications, holding up before the Iowa State GOP leadership two choices, two paths:

1. Scrap the discredited Diebold Computers, use the same paper ballots they were going to use, put the ballots in easily obtainable clear plastic boxes in public view all day, and have designated HUMAN BEINGS count them at a cafeteria table at each of the voting stations at the end of the voting period - with representatives from all campaigns, and citizens, watching and hearing as the votes are scrutinized and called
out. This path leads to the Iowa GOP leadership being heroes to the whole nation and the whole world - finally SOMEONE in a leadership position would have stood up to the Rothschild/Rockerfeller New World Order and its Computer Votefraud Syndicate, thus leading the way to take back our destiny as a nation.

2. The second path: use the discredited and disgraced Diebold computers to "count" the Straw Poll vote. This path leads to winning the scorn of every thinking person at the Iowa Straw Poll, in the state of Iowa - and in the nation - as word spreads like wildfire across the nation. This path will continue to build a righteous anger in normal Americans. And it might lead to a "nasty" lawsuit with Mr. Ray Hoffman and all the other Iowa GOP leaders - and the owners of Diebold in video-taped deposition.

If this becomes necessary, Mr. Hoffman, the Iowa State GOP central committee members, and the Diebold officials such as Mr. Urosevich - will be filmed in deposition, will go up on the internet and onto DVD for public viewing. -- In other words, via the deposition - they will be coming to your living room TV or your home computer - and, at that point, boy will they want to be anywhere else!

WHAT happens at the Ames, Iowa Straw Poll - is a microcosm of what happens ot 49 ½ states at every primary and general election - since 1988! Do you see how earth-shattering this is? This can be a turning point back to honest, verifiable voting in the USA!

If we are going to elect a GOOD and INDEPENDENT man as President - and good and honest people as Congressmen - then we have to draw the line somewhere!

Let us draw it at Ames this Saturday - a the Iowa Straw Poll 2007. Everyone into the battle.

Jim Condit Jr.
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