Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Granny Warriors Comment On NH Recount

Frozen out by Paypal

On January 16th, 2008 Granny Warrior says:

We had sent the money to the former attorney General in NH who was standing in the bank waiting for confirmation of the payment being on the way which it was. The money was removed from our account and by our thinking it was a done deal. a hour later we got a call that our chipin was not working. we checked and found the paypal account was locked. We have spent 5 hours providing all manner of verification to them about the account which is over 10 yrs old with never a flag on it. We had to stop at a centura bank in Alabama and get them to fax our statement to the paypal people proving I owned that account.? then they wanted more. then they said the social security number was associated with another account? That being mine, the same account as we had been advised to change my name on the account from my former name to my married name. We did and that sent every thing into a tizzy again. After hours and minutes on the phone all on over time ( cell phone) we managed to get confirmation that once the faxes had been received the account would be opened again.
The faxes were sent and there was something missing? we had to find another bank and get the entire copy of the last statement and send that in with the address etc on it. what a mess and nothing you told those people made a impression. Seems like someone had sent in a donation sortly after we notified everyone that the money had been raised and also tagged the donation with a suspicious transaction tag. below is the donation. I have a strong feeling we have been had.

Inquiry by PayPal - Case ID: PP-403-499-846
Status: Waiting For Seller's Response
Transaction ID: 00S01027UD303372F
Buyer Name & Email: Jerjis Alajaji,
Transaction Amount: $1,000.00 USD
Transaction Date: Jan. 15, 2008

I am hoping that with people calling nicely to the Sec of State he will bend and accept the funding.

What made it worse is Bev Haris and L. Landis and a couple of other women asked to be allowed to attend the first meeting between Albert and the Sec Of State and were allowed. They came in with a chip on their shoulder trying to force more than a vote count which was what we asked for. they totally ticked the Sec. Of State off and pushed him in a corner.

Albert said after the meeting he hugged the man and asked him to please not hold a grudge but evidently it didn't work. He then demanded the funds before 3 PM today. We had them there but they were stopped by the investigation of the donations. Now we are hoping with nice phone calls from people tomorrow he will relent and allow the count to go forward and accept the funds. Keep your fingers crossed.

We thank Bob for offering to pay for the recount and wish he had made that offer sooner. We may have been saved this mess. We will all have to be very careful in the future when meeting with the officials and learn to use some tact with them. Bev and Landis made it very difficult for us to proceed.

Granny Warrior

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