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Following the newly adapted Vote Rescue Approach in Texas for Affidaviting Votes

From: Mitchell Stein, Founder of

Hello All,

Great News. A great moment for affidaviting votes in the Austin, Texas area is occurring, and we need to join in with it, to consolidate efforts, and not cause confusion. The voting integrity organization that many of us know and love, Vote Rescue, is now going to do an affidavit approach, instead of the “Exit Poll” type approach (where their definition of Exit Poll included sampling not every voter, but only every few number of voters) they were doing previously. All RonPaulVoteCount Precinct Coordinators in the Austin, Texas area to attend one of their training sessions, of which there will be 3 or so over the next few weeks before the Texas Primaries. They are also doing this in conjunction with another organization, Project Vote Count was started by Mark Adams, in Florida, after he and I spoke in December 2007, and he wanted to set up an approach slightly different, but still similar to RonPaulVoteCount, that would affidavit all voters, and not just Ron Paul supporters. (Mark, incidentally, was involved in proceedings wherein he was part of the team that collected affidavits, by knocking on doors, after an election in 2006 in Florida, and became the attorney that took the results of that effort to various court and legislative hearings, including a hearing before the United States House of Representatives.).

We at RonPaulVoteCount did not follow the “affidavit EVERY candidate” exact approach back then, because, in part, of the belief that the wide web of Ron Paul supporters would pick up on the election fraud issue, and help with the effort, in a manner more so than other candidates’ supporters would, and there was therefore an effort to get a high percentage of those we were targeting to actually participate…because, obviously, it looks better when a high percentage of the target audience participates. More importantly, though, there was an effort to not overburden any one person or entity with too many items to count. There’s a big difference between one person counting and collating, say, 100 sheets of paper, and, say, 5 times that amount (representing all candidates). So RonPaulVoteCount was set up with a structure that would be able to be easily implemented, and would not put too much undue burden on any one person, or entity. Since that time, there has been an evolution of the whole approach for all of our organizations, and a definite confluence of purposes/goals. With the buy-in of Vote Rescue to an “every person who walks out the door” approach, and with the strength and widespread appreciation of their organization, there is a definite opportunity to achieve the overall goals of the affidaviting.

More of the details of the history and lessons of what the developments in these regards over the past few months are now at the Home Page of, and you can take a look at that page if you want some additional information besides what is presented here. There is also a short list there of some of the related lessons learned from information reported by RonPaulVoteCount State Coordinators in other states that have already conducted their primaries, and conducted affidaviting type efforts.

Incidentally, there are indications of problems having been found in the official #s in other areas. We are pursuing the rounding out of the information, though. But, in this regard, I am strongly REurging you to participate in some type of counting/affidaviting in your areas. HUGELY important is to have a significant enough number of people staffing at the polls on election day. PLEASE do NOT buy in to the statements frequently made by others of “oh, election fraud can only effect a few percentage points”. That’s just not true. The software is PRIVATELY CONTROLLED !!!! And there are NO CHECKS on it.!!! What is wrong with people who are just willing to bend over and take what the system is telling them. It is truly unbelievable, in my opinion. State Coordinators in the other states where the primaries have completed have said they missed significant numbers of people because they did not have enough volunteers soliciting the voters, so I URGE everyone to help out at either their own precincts, or just hook up with a precinct that Vote Rescue and have set up.

Interestingly, some of the other State Coordinators have said that, on their election days, in the morning, as people were rushing off to get to work, they were less desiring of having to fill out a long form…which still points to the issue of trying to have as many volunteers as possible at a single precinct. More later as I get more info on the results from other states for all these issues.

NOTE I just looked at the Vote Rescue web site, and the details of the upcoming Training Meetings do not look to be up there yet. But I am listening to Vote Rescue Radio right now, and they read off a couple of dates. Central Austin, at Brave New Books ( on Tuesday February 19, 2008…the Brave New Books site currently says 7 pm to 9 pm, but please keep checking back there, and/or at, for if there’s any changes. North Austin at a later date, and South Austin at still a later date. I didn’t catch the dates they said for those later dates/locations. Please check their site ( over the next few days if you want to attend the South Austin or North Austin location at the later dates.

For those of you in other states, you may want to email Vickie and/or Karen (at and appeal to them to maybe video their training. I may ask them about that, too, but they may have logistic issues that may cause them to need to respond no initially…but, if they hear of interest from other states in significant numbers, then they may be more apt to make efforts in that regard.





RonPaulVoteCount County Coordinator- Travis County, Texas

RonPaulVoteCount State Coordinator- Texas

RonPaulVoteCount National Coordinator

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